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Practice Physician

"Our board made the decision to outsource our billing to IPC after an outside audit of our in-house billing department revealed many problem areas. This was no easy decision since we had the same billing staff for over ten years. I am happy to report that we are now collecting more revenue, capturing previously missed charges and we now receive reports that allow us to truly manage our practice."

As a full-service billing company, IPC can provide you with:
  • a user-friendly integrated scheduler,
• demographic and charge entry,
• electronic claims filing,
• A/R follow-up,
• denial management,
• refund processing and
• in-house patient collections.

In addition, IPC’s technology provides clients with real-time, secure, online access to all of their patient information. You'll even have the option of being "live" on our computer system. This allows your staff to use our integrated scheduler and/or to view patient billing information.

We also scan all charge documents, insurance company EOBs and payment receipts. Every six months, you will receive a CD(s) containing all of these scans. If you want, and if you’re "live" on our system, you can easily view these documents through a secure VPN connection. The advantage is that everything is still available to you but you don’t have to take up precious space storing boxes of paper.

A Sports Medicine

"Two years ago we were forced to terminate our contract with IPC Billing when we merged our practice with a large multi-physician group. Consequently, my collection rate dropped so significantly that my practice was no longer profitable. I have since started my own practice, and with IPC as my billing partner, I feel in control again."

A Solo Ophthalmologist

"I can finally sleep at night. I know that IPC Billing’s capable staff is diligently following up on all of my claims and maximizing my collections. I now can focus my energy on patient care."
With IPC, you will...

...collect more money.
Our clients enjoy higher collection rates and fewer days in A/R. What does this mean? As a client, you collect more money and collect it faster. We’re able to do this because we work outstanding claims promptly, we’re tenacious about collecting money you’re owed and we fight for every dime. It’s a well known fact that physicians only fight 35% of denied claims. But IPC fights 100%. We also never ask you to refund a payer until we’re absolutely sure the refund is due.

...receive personalized service.
When you or your employees call IPC, you will always talk to a real person – no phone trees or automated attendants. And, in most cases, your questions will be answered immediately. You will have a primary contact person at IPC and if your question is more complicated or requires administrative input, you will have access to IPC’s billing owners – both former practice administrators. Your patients can contact us via a toll-free number. We are always courteous and professional.

...get competitive pricing.
Even though 100% of your work is done in the USA by American workers, you'll still get pricing that's competitive with the many "USA-based" billing companies who send their clients' processing offshore to other countries.

...have all the information you need to run your practice.
Routine monthly reports are easy to understand and relevant to your practice. Special reports are also available on request. If you prefer to monitor your practice’s financial performance in real time or even "drill down" to specific patient data, we offer an interactive online dashboard reporting feature.

IPC's Billing Audit Service

Are your days in A/R too high and your net collection percentage too low?
Is your front desk collecting 98% or more of patient copays and amounts due?
Do you know your billing staff's error rate? Is it within industry norms?
Are unpaid claims worked in a timely manner? Or do billers simply write-off collectible charges because its too much trouble to work them?
Would your staff pass our billing test that measures basic billing competency?

If you're not happy with the answers to these questions or you think your bottom line doesn't reflect how hard you're working, you may want to consider an IPC billing audit. Our audits are comprehensive and concentrate on processes that will optimize your practice's financial health.

We examine actual claims data and reports, look for weaknesses in your charge-capture process, evaluate the timeliness and accuracy of charge entry and analyze a sample of your rejected or unprocessed claims. We then review your posting routines to see if your practice management software has been optimized for efficiency. And finally, we look at your financial checks and balances to evaluate employee risk and offer suggestions about your staffing ratios.

After the audit, we provide a detailed written report of our findings with real-world recommendations that include specific guidance to your billing staff. Depending on our findings, we would also be happy to propose a business-office staff training program to correct any problems the audit has highlighted.

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